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الإستعلامات والحجز

فندق كريستال بلو - رابغ
المملكة العربية السعودية - مدينة رابغ
الشارع العام - بعد بنك الجزيره

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Rabigh City

The Rabigh of historic cities and ancient at the same time as it is handsome meeqaat meeqaat for the people of Egypt and the Levant.

Among the most important professions that have a reputation are: –

Fishing Located on the Red Sea coast.

Agriculture depends on rainfall and floods.

Trade Located on the international road for the passage of pilgrims and the presence of major companies such as: –

Saudi Aramco.

Desalination plant.

Steam Station.

Saudi Arabian Cement Company.

Governorate of Rabigh and follows five centers and all the educational and health services and some municipal services, namely:

(Center Alqdeimp – Stone Center – Center Alnoie – Aloboa Center – Center for concealed).

The city of Rabigh of ancient cities, which was known before Islam, and confirmed by the receipt of her poems in the poets of pre-Islamic era, in a poem by the poet ignorant Duraid bin embolism, praising the Rabigh, saying:

Gshet Rabigh Zlla transmitting **** abt verses not Tuzla

It is evidence of major on the basis of Rabigh, is narrated from the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – when over the Valley Asfan and close to Rabigh, he said – peace be upon him -: (I’ve passed by Hood and Saleh on the screen of red Ktamanma fiber, answering and love)

And by Asfan is an old pilgrimage route, the convoys through the Quraysh before Islam, which connects the city of Medina and Mecca.

Also saw the Rabigh many historic events at the dawn of Islam because it’s been the messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – in the way of migration from Mecca to Medina, and wire a number of places, such as “Asfan, of area, Keded, Alhzar, time, snap ”

Also signed in Rabigh and near some of the invasions to face the infidels, including: Battle, Dan, and Banu Almstaleg which came out with the Prophet – peace be upon him – to meet the children Almstaleg and confidential Obeid-Allah ibn al-Harith, was after eight months of migration. Mother of the faithful Mrs. Fatima bint al-Harith of the people of Rabigh, also known as Sons of Rabigh, a large number of Companions of the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – including art-Khabab bin, and the Temple of ibn Abi Temple Khuzai.

It is the context of history is clear that the Governorate of Rabigh was affiliated to the management area of the city of Medina and has been on this case in the era of Caliphs and the reign of the Umayyads and the Abbasids in the Ottoman Empire did not change the case for dependency Rabigh to Medina, but he has changed at the end of the Ottoman Empire in 1287 and became a province of Rabigh affiliated to the region of Mecca and remained like this until he began to Saudi Crown Prince and the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which has been divided Hijaz to 19 small emirate and the Rabigh, including, in the year 1345 AH and the Principality of Rabigh includes the Gran and Khulais and Keded and Thule and Alqdeimp and stone, Nowaibaa and concealed and Aloboa In 1402 Royal Decree dividing the Kingdom into 13 administrative regions and governorates of the different categories and Rabigh became the province of category (a) belonging to the Makkah region

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